Beneficial Favorites

(available from 10:30am)

Two Drumsticks prepared with a house rub and Asian spices served with vegetable rice and sauteed vegetable $45


($25 add chicken or fish $15)

Your choice of any five items from the salad bar


 BBQ Chicken Breast, vegetable rice and tossed salad

BBQ Lamb $50

 BBQ Lamb, macaroni or potato salad and a tossed salad


 BBQ Fish of the day, vegetable rice and a tossed salad



 Served with your choice of basmati rice or paratha and a choice of mango(seasonal), vegetable of the day



Creole style fish with sweet potato salad and a tossed salad

Beneficial Breakfast

  • 6:00am to


    French Toast $20

    2 slices of your favorite toast, egg battered, seared and dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with our house sugar

    Pancakes $25

    3 fluffy buttermilk pancakes served with maple syrup (add scrambled eggs or vege omelette $30

    Bacon and Eggs $25

    2 eggs scrambled or boiled with 3 strips of crispy bacon served with your choice of white, whole wheat or raisin walnut toast

    Coconut bake/Croissant and Salt Fish $25

    Roasted coconut bake or freshly baked croissants served with salted cod fish mixed with tomatoes, pimentos and onions

    Bagel with Cream Cheese $20

    A toasted flavoured bagel with soft cream cheese

    Healthy Oatmeal $20

    Plain rolled oats cooked and served with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

    Yogurt and Granola Parfait $30

    8oz of plain or flavoured yogurt layered with healthy granola and a fruit compote

    Breakfast Egg Sandwich $25/30

    2 eggs scrambled or boiled, plain or with tomatoes and sweet peppers on your choice of 6" or 8" white, whole wheat, multigrain or raisin walnut bread on a bed of mixed greens served with your choice of ham, turkey or bacon

    Breakfast Sandwich $25

    Your choice of ham, turkey or bacon served on either a croissant or bagel with a healthy egg and topped with a slice of cheese

    Boiled/Scrambled Eggs or Omelette $25

    2 eggs made in 3-minutes served with your choice of white, whole wheat or raisin walnut toast

  • Beverages

    Coke/ Diet Coke $5

    Bottled Water $3/ $5

    Orchard Apple & Orange Juice $4

    Coconut Water $15

    Grapefruit Juice $7/$12

    Fresh Watermelon & Cucumber Juice $20

    Apple J $4 / $5

    Mauby $7 / $12

    Fresh Orange Juice $20

    Apple and Carrot Juice $20

    Expresso $15

    Gourmet Coffee $15

    Herbal Tea $5

    Latte $25

    Gourmet Hot Chocolate $20

    Gourmet Green Tea $10


Our Best Smoothies

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